Winter Tutorial Program

winter tutorial programThe Mount Washington Valley Winter Tutorial Program starting in mid December and continuing through the end of March provides a tutorial support system for MWV student athletes as they pursue their goals on snow, while staying fully enrolled in their home school system.

Created in 2019, this strategy allows each student the flexibility to decide their full-time program duration, while remaining academically challenged, whether it be through remote learning with their home school or an accredited online program.

What you can expect from the Winter Tutorial Program:


- A 3 to 1 athlete to coach ratio for our full-time athletes.

- Four additional afternoon on-snow training sessions, Tuesday through Friday, from approximately 1-4 PM.

Our goal is to fulfill athlete needs based on upcoming races, Championship events, etc. Preparation is key, so we are constantly addressing necessary skill development, repetition, and mastery of technique and tactics to foster individual growth.

We stay as flexible as possible within our weekly schedule to take advantage of the best snow and weather conditions.

- Two hour tutorial support sessions on Monday and Wednesday nights hosted by certified local teachers specializing in Math, Science, English and History. 

- Tuesday and Thursday evening we offer strength and conditioning sessions and education at CORE Fitness - a community driven fitness center. 

Head U19 coach, Richie Scanlon, along with CRT U12 Coach, certified Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Specialist, Carl Iacozili, spearhead our prep period workouts in the fall, as well as the maintenance sessions throughout the winter. We promote healthy training habits for well rounded young athletes and skiers, as they incorporate ski specific strength exercises, a variety of cardio workouts, core routines, and plenty of agility and plyometrics. Our work is focused on combining youth development, coordination and athleticism.

Dryland sessions are consistently built around their on-snow training load, as well as their upcoming race schedule. 

- Consistent video sharing and analysis. Timing systems are also used frequently for self comparison and observation.

- The Winter School Tutorial Program is led by our Director of Academic Support, Laurel Zengilowski.

A political science major from the University of New Hampshire, she also has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Laurel has been a certified teacher in the state of New Hampshire for 15 years. She will work with our full-time athletes to develop strategies for success and curriculum support as needed, while remote or online learning during the winter months.


Do you want to ski full-time and stay in the beautiful Mount Washington Valley? We have all the resources - an experienced staff and high performance training environments both on and off the hill. Come meet your goals with us. For more information, send us an email at