Cranmore Race Team

CRT 2019-2020 Early Registration:

Link: CRT Early Registration 2019-2020

Message for Parents

As a new or returning parent of the Cranmore Race Team (CRT), whether you are moving up from seasonal program or a new family joining the Cranmore Family for the first time, we would like to welcome you to the CRT Family and thank you for choosing us. As a new parent we are here to guide you and answer all those questions, concerns, and let you know you are not the first to ask. I want to thank our CRT families, athletes, dedicated coaching staff and race operations for all their hard work, continuous support and pride they have put into the success of our program. Cranmore has a deep heritage of ski racing dating back 75+ years beginning with the Gibson Cup races. Please let us know if you need more assistance. We have a strong, knowledgeable, and experienced parent base that is ready and willing to be your mentor and assist you through the early days of race program. They have all been where you are at the moment! We look forward to getting to know your family. 

Sincerely Maggie Flynn

CRT Program Director

 We recognize the huge commitment the athletes make and more importantly the financial and time commitment from the racer's parents and for that I say Thank You. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions/concerns or suggestions.