Mission Statement

The Mount Washington Valley Ski Team is dedicated to:

Providing an outstanding program of ski education, training, and racing for U21, U19, U16, and U14 ski racers, including physically challenged, athletes in all levels of competition in the Eastern Region as well as select National and International events sanctioned by the United States Ski Association (USSA) and the International Federation of Skiing (FIS).

  • Promoting ski racing and training as a structure within which young athletes can learn the benefits of long-term commitments, responsibility, self-discipline, and dedication as a means of attaining their goals.
  • Expecting the highest level of competition excellence from athletes and in so doing provide the format for a higher level of achievement.
  • Developing in athletes a sense of both individual and team leadership and responsibility.
  • Developing in athletes an attitude of camaraderie and respect for fellow team members, competitors, and athletes.
  • Promoting in all athletes good citizenship and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Providing as safe an environment as possible for training and racing on an affordable basis.