Program Descriptions & Fees


Tuition Costs, Program Dates, and Family Commitments are in a separate Excel Spreadsheet.

All club participants must be members of the USSA and NHARA to participate in any of the programs, due to Liability insurance requirements.

Training will be held at Attitash, Cranmore, and Wildcat primarily.  The amount of training at each venue will vary and be determined based on the availability of training space and snow conditions.

All Programs require the athlete to purchase a Valley Pass, with the exception of those training per diem only.  Per diem athletes will provide their own lift tickets/passes or purchase per diem tickets, and are not eligible to purchase a Valley Pass. If an athlete receives a dependent pass from a family member please let us know as pass price is reduced.



In order to be eligible for the early season rate, an athlete must complete registration by September 30th, and pay a $200 deposit.

This deposit is non-refundable, except in the instance of an injury that prevents an athlete from participating in the 2017-18 season.

The tuition balance must be paid in full by November 1st, and prior to being eligible to purchase the Valley Pass.

Registrations completed after September 30th will be at the regular price.  Financial aid is available, as outlined in the handbook.  Payment plans may be arranged by contacting the office.

Additional costs apply for transportation, coach and athlete expenses for FIS races, out of state and championship events, please see the section on traveling with MWVST.



Please see the handbook section on family commitments for fundraising and race worker requirements. Participation is per family, if there are multiple athletes the responsibilities of the program with the most requirements that there is an athlete in need to be completed.


U16 PROGRAM:  This   program is designed for U16 athletes (ages 14 and 15) to provide a smooth transition from children’s racing to seeded racing.  This program welcomes athletes from all of the Valley’s youth programs, as well as youth programs outside of the Valley.

Most athletes in this program will pursue the U16 NHARA Qualifiers, and will participate in some open races in the early and later parts of the season.  Participation in the qualifiers is not required.  Athletes will start to develop a USSA point profile.

Many athletes will also race for their local High School.

Family Club Participation:  Please see handbook section.


HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM:This program is designed for U16, U19, or U21 athletes that want to train part time, and want to participate in limited weekend races.

Typically athletes in this program will also race for their local High School.

Athletes will only be eligible to race in MWV hosted races, at Cranmore and Attitash.  (see race schedule )

Athletes are able to train one weekend day per week, either Saturday or Sunday at their choice.  Athletes are eligible to add mid-week vacation training for either Christmas week, or February week.

Athletes are eligible to upgrade to another program prior to the February school vacation week at the early season price, and will be credited the High School program tuition.

Family Club Participation: Please see handbook section.


U19 / U21 PROGRAM: This program is designed for athlete’s ages 16 years and older who would like to train and race and continue to build on their USSA point profile.

Most athletes in this program will pursue the NHARA Macomber or Technica Cup series, and also some open races depending on their schedules and appetite for competition.  There is no set minimum race starts required.  The number of race starts is typically managed by dialog between the coaching staff, athlete and parents.


Some athletes will choose to pursue FIS racing, and will start to develop a FIS point profile.  Those athletes considering this option, or that want to learn more about this should speak with our Program Director.  A FIS license is required in addition to the USSA.  Equipment rules are different for FIS (and can change from year to year), families should consult the coaching staff before buying equipment.  Some, but not all FIS races are held further from the Valley and may require overnight stays.

 With FIS Racing:  there is an additional fee for athletes racing in FIS races.

Family Club Participation:  Please see handbook section.



U16, U19, U21, FULL TIME: This program is for any athletes who would like to ski during the mid-week in addition to the weekend and vacation programs described above.

Athletes can ski mid-week afternoons between Tuesday and Friday, typically from 12-4.

For Kennett students arrangeents for school release authorization must be made by the student, parents, head coach, and high school administrator.

For students of Fryeburg Academy, the details of class schedules will be worked out with the program coordinator at the start of the fall semester.

MWVST will provide round trip van transportation when possible from Fryeburg and Kennett for athletes that are not driving themselves.

Family Club Participation:  Please see handbook section.


PG PROGRAM: This program is for any Post graduate athletes who would like to ski full time (6 days per week). Athletes may also concurrently pursue credits at White Mountain Community College or Granite state College.

Assistance with lodging is available; please contact the program director for additional information on this program and to discuss how it can be tailored to meet the needs of the athlete.

Family Club Participation:  Please see handbook section.



MID WEEK ONLY:This program is for U10, U12, U14 athletes who are able to train during the week in addition to their participation in a program at their home mountain.  Training will take place on Tuesday thru Friday afternoons.

Family Club Participation: Please see handbook section.


PER DIEM TRAINING: Per diem training is available to any USSA member athlete or MWVST alum wishing to train on a day by day basis, limited to a maximum of 10 days.


Fryeburg Academy Program: This program allows athletes to participate in the Fulltime Program with MWVST while attending school and living at Fryeburg Academy, for all or part of the season. Please contact us for more information on this Program.


Tuition is non-refundable. Tuition must be paid in full before purchasing the Valley Pass.


Additional costs apply for transportation, coach and athlete expenses for FIS races, out of state and championship events. Please see the section on traveling with MWVST.


Please note deadline for standard rate tuition is payment of a non refundable $200 per athlete deposit by 9/30/17.



2017-2018 Program Tuition, Commitments and Dates


Program or Fee 2017-2018 Early Rate Family Commitment Start Date*
  Tuition w/$200 Deposit Race Work Comedy Golf  
    by Sept. 30 Days Night Event  
Weekend/Vacations (w/out FIS Starts)( U18, U21) $3,275.00 $3,075.00 6 yes yes 25-Nov
Weekend/Vacations/FIS (coaching only)(U18 or U21) $3,675.00 $3,475.00 6 yes yes 25-Nov
U16, U19 Full Time Program (6 days /week) $4,700.00 $4,500.00 6 yes yes 25-Nov
PG Program (please contact us if interested)           25-Nov
U16 Program $2,295.00 $2,095.00 6 yes yes 25-Nov
High School Program $1,600.00 $1,600.00 3 2 tix no 25-Nov
Mid-Week (non-vacation week)Training  (U14 & younger) $850.00 $750.00 0 no no 28-Nov
High School Program added Vacation Weeks (4 days) $120.00 $120.00 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Mid-Week Per Diem Package (4 midweek days for MWVST athletes) $120.00 $120.00 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Per Diem Training (limit 10 days) (not eligible for Valley Pass) per day $85.00 0 no no n/a
Alumni Per Diem Training per day $45.00 0 no no n/a
Commitment Opt Out- (for non local families unable to participate)   add   $2000.00        
Race Worker Opt Out per race $120.00        
Fundraiser Opt Out (comedy or golf) per event $600.00   * if skiing available    
Previous balances due MWVST from 16-17 must be paid to ski