Strength & Conditioning

Carl Iacozili, from SportFit New England, and Head U19 Coach Richie Scanlon have put together a 6 week program that will begin on Columbus Day, Monday, October 12, 2020. 

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what type of gym background you have, SportFit New England will provide you with a personal workout schedule tailored to your level of training and to what type of environment you will be working out in. 

This 6 week program offers sessions 6 days a week, so whether you’re in the backyard, at a local gym, or here in the valley with Richie and Carl, you will have everything you need to stay in shape and see some positive results. 


What you can expect:

- A comprehensive platform you download right to your phone called MyPTHub, where all of your physical assessments, weights, reps, and exercises will be at your fingertips. 

- Video exercises with detailed descriptions and tips so you can perform each exercise correctly.

- A video upload feature. Get instant feedback and tips on correct technique from your trainers. This will be crucial for remote workout athletes!

- Flexibility to alter workouts based on your environment. Backyard, local gym, garage, etc.

- Each athlete will start with a baseline and your physical assessment will determine your starting point. As your fitness level increases, you will move through the programs to more advanced exercises and workouts.



6 Week Local Option - Monday, Oct. 12 through Monday, November 23rd. 

Cost: $385

Plus, a CORE Fitness Student Membership - $20 a month.

Total: $425

Monday, Wednesday, Friday workouts are at CORE Fitness on East Conway Road. In person, with Carl and Richie. Meeting time for M, W, F workouts will be 3 PM. 


6 Week Remote Option - Start October 12th or whenever you can.

All of the MYPTHub perks, great programs, and access to your coaches.  

Cost: $300


If you are looking for more information on this program, please reach out to Carl Iacozili at or Richie at