U16 Program

This program is designed for U16 athletes (ages 14 and 15) both full time and weekend participants. Our goal is to provide a smooth transition from children's racing to seeded racing.  The U16 program welcomes athletes from all of the Valley’s youth programs, as well as youth programs outside of the Valley.
When you register for the U16 program, the ski season starts when Wildcat opens at the beginning of November. Our main focus for the first month of the season is basic fundamental skill sets, being balanced on the skis and general kinesthetic awareness. We accomplish these tasks through extensive drill work and repetitive movement patterns on snow. The next step for U16 skiers, before they start full length gate training, is turn shape drills that bring the fundamentals from freeskiing into dictated direction changes. This portion of the programming is crucial in order for U16s to have the ability to make positive changes to their technique and tactics before the competition season.

Athletes in this program will pursue the U16 NHARA qualifiers, and will participate in open races in the early and later parts of the season.  NHARA U16 qualifiers are seeded by USSA National points, therefore committing to early season open races is vital in order to secure good starting positions for qualifiers. The NHARA qualifiers are organized so that starting in Mid-January U16’s will participate in 2 races per discipline every two weeks. The postseason qualification process is outlined in the NHARA Handbook.

Starting with NHARA speed week, U16 skiers will focus on one discipline at a time for 2-week blocks. The NHARA schedule is designed so that these young skiers can concentrate solely on one discipline at a time, allowing the training volume each individual requires in order to be prepared for the designated event. Though we focus on high volume gate training at this point in the season, continued emphasis will be placed on developing basic body position.

The NHARA U16 qualifying series places New Hampshire U16’s at the following Eastern postseason events:

1. U16 Eastern Championships

2. U16 Eastern Finals

NHARA U16 Finals allows another opportunity for athletes to qualify to the U16 Eastern Finals. NHARA U16 Finals is designed for skiers who did not accumulate enough points from the state qualifying series events to compete at an eastern event.
In addition to U16 specific competitions, our skiers will be focusing on the NHARA Lafoley Spring Series races and other USSA racing opportunities, in order to continue to develop a competitive USSA point profile.


High School Program

This program is designed for U16 and U19 skiers who would like to train part-time with MWV and want to participate in limited weekend races. The High School program tailors to individuals who are looking for a commitment of only one day per weekend, whichever day they choose (Saturday or Sunday), on any given week. A lot of our racers in this program are looking for high-quality weekend training to prepare for their midweek races at their respective High Schools.

Athletes are always free to add mid-week training whenever they wish, such as Holiday break, February vacation, or Spring break. We are flexible and able to accommodate many schedules as we are always available for training throughout the winter.

Note: Skiers are eligible to upgrade to the U16/U19 full-time or weekend program prior to the February vacation week at the early season price, resulting in reimbursement of the High School program tuition.