Team Handbook



Our Vision

Our goal at Mount Washington Valley Ski Team is to provide an environment where our young athletes at all levels are able to develop their passion for skiing while fostering dedication, discipline, responsibility and independence in order to navigate academic, athletic and life’s many other endeavors.

The Mount Washington Valley Ski Team is committed to:

●  Providing as safe an environment as possible for training and racing, on an affordable basis.
●  Developing in athletes an attitude of camaraderie and respect for fellow team members and competitors.
●  Promoting a healthy lifestyle and love for outdoor experiences.
●  Together holding high expectations in work ethic and in doing so, providing the format
for success.
●  Encouraging the strength and toughness to leave your comfort zone in order to attain goals.

About Us
Founded in 1982, The Mount Washington Valley Alpine Education Foundation is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to educating the next generation of Mount Washington Valley ski racers. Our club operates with the support and devotion from our members and would not survive without dedicated parents, coaches, athletes and volunteers.

As the ski racing in the East continued to evolve, it became apparent that the needs of J1 and J2 athletes (Now U16 and U21) were becoming increasingly difficult to be served by each of the individual mountain local ski teams in the Mount Washington Valley, both financially and hill space wise. The resources dedicated to properly operate a competitive race team proved to be too much of a burden for one mountain alone.
A group of forward thinking coaches, parents, and ski area managers, conceived and implemented a plan to consolidate this group of athletes into one program. This program would provide a true, seamless progression from the individual youth programs at each mountain. The concept created an opportunity to leverage the unique resources of the Mount Washington Valley in order to build a highly reputable, skilled, and competitive program at all levels in the ski racing community.
Board of Directors

The primary goal is to build continuity. Each board member’s term is for three years. The board has no less than seven members, and no more than fifteen. At the end of a term a board member may ask to be re-nominated or to serve “Emeritus”. The objective is to draw on the experience of senior board members while maintaining participation of parents from current club members.


Noah Coleman


Bill Elliott


Kristine Porcaro

Social & Fundraising

Mary Ellen McDermott

At Large Board Members

Kathy Badger Karen Dolan (Cranmore representative) Nate Waterhouse (Vail Resorts representative) Derek Pelletier, Sarah Bailey, Mike Lennon, Scott Bailey

(Fryeburg Academy representative- TBD)



Mike LeBlanc – Executive Director 

Andy Gannon - Program Director MWV

Administrative Assistant- TBD

MWV Coaching Staff 

Richie Scanlon – U16 Head Coach/ Weekend Program Director 

Kayla Morin - Head Coach

Dave Gregory - Head Coach

Additional coaching staff -Eddie Bradley, Sean Maloney
Jay Prewitt, Trevor Dodge

Club Contact Information Address: 

MWV Ski Team 

Mailing Address-PO Box 780 Intervale, NH 03845

Street Address- 13 Route 16A intervale, NH


E-mail: or

Phone: 603-986-3075



Athlete Expectations

Making the jump from U14 to U16 programming in ski racing is a major milestone. Once skiers leave the U14 age group, they are essentially graduating from what is formally known as children’s ski racing, and entering into races with other teenagers and occasionally adults. The first year of U16 programming can be a shock as skiers will go from racing shorter courses on easier hills to much longer course sets, oftentimes at more difficult race venues and longer seasons. It is our objective at MWV to prepare our skiers for these experiences and create a platform for our young athletes to take ski racing to the next level, such as FIS skiing and collegiate competition, if they so choose. The following is a list of important responsibilities, qualities and areas of focus that our curriculum will actively refine, in order for our skiers to have a productive experience here at Mount Washington Valley.


Every skier in our program needs to focus on self-reflection within their own skiing. This means developing a sense of kinesthetic awareness and cultivating the ability to understand when you are actively making changes to your technique. The end result should be the ability to apply constructive self-assessment in order to understand the difference between positive and negative movement patterns in their skiing.


Arrive for training and races on time, with all of your equipment prepared, and ready to go with a positive attitude. MWV coaches are dedicated to providing a great experience on the hill to all of our club members, in return we ask for consistent work ethic and positive attitudes from our skiers.


Mount Washington Valley is a tight knit group. There are several tasks that need attention in order to provide a safe and productive learning environment at our multiple venues. Everyone pulling the rope in the same direction to complete objectives is essential to our everyday operations.


Be respectful to yourself, teammates and coaches.

Be respectful to the ski resorts that generously support the sport of ski racing and to the countless individuals who volunteer their time to make each and every event possible.

Athlete Code of Conduct

Mount Washington Valley Ski Team athletes shall conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies good behavior, sportsmanship, and good citizenship, which shall include the following rules:

●  Athletes will show respect to all coaches, officials, parents, teammates, and competitors.
●  Athletes will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all training and competitions and respect and not damage any properties.
●  Athletes will refrain from the use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.
●  Athletes will not bully, haze, or physically abuse any teammates. Bullying, hazing and physical abuse shall include but is not limited to the following examples: (i) picking on a person in front of others, or in private, (ii) non-constructive criticism addressed in such a way as to belittle another person’s abilities and achievements, intimidate, undermine confidence, (iii) physical violence such as hitting, pushing, spitting or cruel practical jokes towards another person, (iv) interfering with another person’s property, such as by stealing, hiding or damaging it, (v) making rude, derogatory or offensive remarks, teasing or spreading rumors about another person or his/her family, (vi) unreasonably excluding another person from a group activity, (vii) ridiculing another person’s appearance, way of speaking, or mannerisms, (viii) misusing technology to hurt, intimidate, embarrass, and/or humiliate another person, (ix) the sending of messages that include unwanted sexual remarks and/or photos/videos of a sexual nature, and (x) any initiation practice that may humiliate, degrade, demean, and/or disgrace a person regardless of location or consent of participants.
●  Athletes will not use social media to message or post pictures that negatively reflect on the athlete, their peers, coaches or the MWV Ski Team.
●  Athletes competing in USSS/NHARA sanctioned events will follow all Code of Conduct guidelines for each respective governing body.

Rule Violations

MWV Ski Team athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that (i) exemplifies the standards of good personal behavior and sportsmanship, (ii) does not discredit or reflect poorly on the MWV Ski Team, and (iii) is in accordance with this Code of Conduct. Any rule violation can result in disciplinary action based on review of the individual, the intent, and the circumstances, regardless of the following guidelines as determined by the MWV Ski Team in its sole and absolute discretion, which includes but is not limited to, verbal warnings, written warnings delivered to the athlete and his or her parent(s) or guardian, removal from practice, training session, or a competition, suspension for a set period of time or indefinitely, with the imposition of certain conditions for return, or expulsion from the MWV Ski Team.
Parent Code of Conduct

The success of the MWV Ski Team depends upon positive involvement and support from parents. Constructive feedback on programs and staff is welcome and will help the organization further improve its programs. Parents, coaches, employees, and athletes are representatives of the MWV Ski Team. Because parents are such an important part of our community, please take time to understand the following items in the Parent Code of Conduct:

●  I understand I am not permitted on a race course or in the competition site arena unless designated or invited by a coach or race official to run or maintain the course, or act as an official or gatekeeper.
●  I will not encourage any behaviors or practices that would endanger the health and wellbeing of the athletes.
●  I will teach my athlete to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility, violence, bullying or hazing.
●  I will help ensure my athlete shows up on time and prepared for all practices and competitions.
●  I will teach my athlete to take care of his/her equipment, respect the equipment of others and abide by all rules and regulations at every venue where they train or compete.
●  I will promote the emotional and physical well-being of all athletes ahead of any personal desire I may have for my athlete to win.
●  I will inform the coach of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my athlete or the safety of others.
●  Except in the case of an emergency, I will only contact coaches via text message during the hours of 8:00 am and 5:30 pm.
●  I (and my guests) will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, athlete, or parent.
●  I will respect the officials and their authority during competition and will never question, discuss, or confront coaches at an event. Instead, I will take time to speak with coaches at an agreed upon time and place.
●  I understand that bullying is unacceptable within this organization. I will not participate in or encourage bullying in any capacity, and I will report any bullying behavior I observe.
●  I also agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be subject to certain disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the MWV Ski Team in its sole and absolute discretion.
Mount Washington Valley Ski Team Programs

Full Time Program/ Fryeburg Academy

Ages: U16s, U18s, U21s

A full time, comprehensive and individualized program for athletes who are looking to take their skiing to the next level. The Mount Washington Valley Ski Team has provided excellent training at three different venues since the 1980s. Our full time program allows athletes to train multiple days a week with an emphasis on skill, and character development while benefiting from the best training we can possibly provide. Our coaches design a schedule that balances academic loads, on hill performance, strength and conditioning work, general equipment care, and goal setting.

Each season our winter schedule is designed around effective training strategies in preparation for races targeted by our MWV coaching staff. Training blocks are built to support our athletes, and our focus is on performance, quality, and rest. Schedules are constantly changing in our sport - we encourage all of our athletes and families to be flexible and practice patience throughout the season. We are constantly adapting to different weather conditions, cancellations, and unruly variables with our skiers’ best interest in mind.

Winter Schedule

Mondays throughout the season are a typically scheduled ‘OFF’ day. Occasionally we will utilize Monday afternoons if significant weather is coming in later in the week. Rough draft training schedules will be created before the start of the season, and we will update/revise them as needed weekly throughout the season. Midweek training schedules are released every Sunday or Monday.

Most athletes arrive at the mountain between 12:30 and 1 PM from their respective schools. If we are not solely focusing on free skiing and drill work, a typical day of training gates will start after the athletes warm up and inspect. Most days we are usually ready to go by 1:45 - 2 PM. The athletes will train/free ski until 3:30 to 4 PM depending on when the mountain closes, and what we have on the schedule after on hill training (strength and conditioning/recovery, video, tuning, etc.). Our daily programs are always subject to change based on our weekly learning targets, weather, snow surface conditions, and general athlete needs.

Education options in the Valley

Fryeburg Academy-boarding, winter term and day student options

SAU9 School District - Kennett Jr./Sr. High School / Northeast Woodland School / Bartlett / Jackson



Cranmore Teen Pass (with no blackout dates) for MWV High School program

Cranmore Teen Pass (with no blackout dates) and Epic value pass or Local pass for MWV Weekend and Vacation Week athletes 

White Mountain Super Pass and Epic Pass for MWV Fulltime/FIS Athletes

Full Time Program Communication

Communication for Fulltime/Fis athletes and families and coaching staff may be different from other athletes.  TeamSnap will be used for weekend training and race communication / TeamSnap alerts for any time sensitive changes in the daily schedule



Transportation for Fulltime/Fis Athletes will be determined prior to the start of the winter. The MWV Ski Team works in conjunction with Fryeburg Academy to provide transportation for our skiers.


MWV Weekend Program

Ages: U16s, U18s, U21s

Serving the majority of our Mount Washington Valley Ski Team athletes, our weekend program offers an all encompassing approach to a two day a week schedule for committed skiers looking to compete at the state or regional level. In addition to the weekend programming, MWVST weekend skiers take advantage of the two school breaks each season - the holiday break in December, and the week long break in February. These two school vacations combine for an additional 10+ days of on-snow time, contributing to immeasurable gains in performance in both training and racing.

The MWV Ski Team is proud to offer high quality coaching and training opportunities to our weekend program athletes. Our goal is to provide productive slope selection and difficulty when available, along with challenging course sets when appropriate to prepare our athletes to compete at their best. Our coaching staff recognizes the unique advantages we have here in the Mount Washington Valley. We are able to pool mountain's resources, and leverage the best free skiing and training possible each weekend with a professional team of coaches on hand.

Weekend program skiers compete in USSS races as U16 athletes, including all of the qualification events for regional championship series’. U18/21 athletes continue to race USSS competitions in state, Fulltime/Fis athletes additionally or alternatively pursue the next level of competitive skiing, and participate in the regional FIS circuit. Our coaching staff provides each program athlete with a recommended race schedule. Every schedule is tailored toward goal achievement and needs for that given season.


Winter Schedule

All weekend training and race schedules go out to club members on Wednesday or Thursday each week.

Our head coaches build training schedules prior to the vacation weeks, but often there are several changes that take place. It is important to read all team communications, and double check the TeamSnap calendar to stay up to speed. Noted above, the MWV Ski Team works hard to provide the best possible training environments, so early morning training sessions or night training sessions are frequently scheduled for our athletes.

In addition, please expect that we will occasionally utilize two mountains in the same day for free skiing or training. Our coaches will push for the highest quality sessions we can provide, and occasionally this warrants a dynamic weekend schedule.

All weekend program skiers’ respective home schools that recognize “NH” vacation week as their February break will work in with the full time program during their vacation. We typically schedule an additional training block or two on top of the afternoon training schedule for these skiers.

Most weekend days begin around 8:30/9 AM and conclude around 2:30/3 PM. If early morning is scheduled, a typical day usually asks athletes to be booted up, and ready to go by 7:30 AM. Early morning days usually conclude around 1:30 PM night training at 6pm.

Our daily programs are always subject to change based on our weekly learning targets, weather, snow surface conditions, and general athlete needs. We ask all athletes and parents to practice patience, and be flexible in order to take advantage of the best we have to offer on any given day.

Weekend program skiers are always able to add midweek training whenever they wish for an additional cost. We are able to accommodate most additional training requests as long as they work within our midweek schedule.


High School Program

Ages: U16s, U18s, U21

Our high school program is offered one day TBD only at Cranmore. This program is designed for U16, U18, and U21 skiers who would like one day of quality, coached free skiing or training per weekend. Many of our racers in this program are training to prepare for their high school ski team races at their respective home schools. Training with MWVST provides high school program skiers with challenging free skiing and training environments along with professional feedback in an effort to prepare them for their high school race schedules.

Skiers who are interested in participating in USSS events should be registering for the full time or weekend program with MWVST. Members of the high school program will only be eligible to race in USSS races within the Mount Washington Valley. Travel to USSS races around the state or region will not be part of the high school program.

High school program skiers are always able to add mid-week training whenever they wish during their school breaks for an added cost. We are flexible and able to accommodate high school program skiers looking for additional time on snow.

Our daily programs are always subject to change based on our weekly learning targets, weather, snow surface conditions, and general athlete needs. We ask all athletes and parents to practice patience, and be flexible in order to take advantage of the best we have to offer on any given day.

Note: Skiers are eligible to upgrade to other U16 & U18/21 programs prior to the February vacation week at the early season price, resulting in credit of the high school program tuition. If you are interested in upgrading, please note that an Epic pass must be purchased to participate in training at Attitash and Wildcat.


Age Group Overview


This basic outline describes a typical U16 full time or weekend skiers’ season with MWVST.

Our goal is to provide a smooth transition from children's racing to scored and seeded USSS racing for our 14 and 15 year old athletes. The U16 program welcomes skiers from all of the valley’s youth programs, as well as interested athletes from outside of the valley.

When you register for the U16 program, the ski season starts when local mountains open and there is space to run safe, and productive programming. Our main focus for the first month of the season is basic fundamental skill sets, including lots of balance work and an emphasis on general kinesthetic awareness. We accomplish these tasks through extensive drill work and repetitive movement patterns on snow. The next step for our skiers, before they start full length gate training is turn shape drills that bring the fundamentals from free skiing into dictated direction changes. This portion of the programming is crucial in order for our U16s to have the ability to make positive changes to their technique and tactics before training in tall gates.

U16 athletes will pursue the U16 qualifier schedule, and will participate in open races and compete in the Macomber Cup events throughout NH in the early part of the season. The NHARA U16 qualifiers are seeded by USSS national points, therefore committing to early season races is vital in order to secure adequate starting positions in championships or races especially for our first year U16 athletes. The qualifiers are designed for New Hampshire U16 skiers to compete head to head in multiple disciplines in order to qualify for the NHARA State Championship events where the athletes will compete with the best USSS skiers in the state, including U18s & U21s.

We continue to emphasize basic skill set development in the middle part of the season, but shift our focus a bit to boost race day performance. Mindset work, and quality race simulation runs are just a couple of examples of important focuses we add to on hill training sessions.

Ultimately, the results from the NHARA State Championship events qualify athletes through an annually adjusted New Hampshire quota of men and women U16s into the following Eastern region postseason events: See the NHARA Handbook for quotas

For more information regarding the postseason qualification process, refer to the NHARA handbook.

It is important to revisit the rules and criteria each season if you want to stay up to speed with the U16 qualification criteria’s structure. The Ronnie Berlack Grand Prix qualifies a number of men and women to the U16 Nationals event where all of the United States’ best U16s come together to compete in early April.

After the U16 championship series conclude, there are still a variety of open races, and Lafoley spring series events happening throughout the state. Oftentimes, athletes are continuing to improve and peak toward the end of the season during the championship events, and it is always guaranteed to be a fun and rewarding time as we approach the end of the year.


U18/21s - USSS Racing

This basic outline describes a typical U18/21 full time or weekend skier focusing on USSS racing with MWVST.

The U18/21 program is designed to provide a high energy, competitive, and safe on-snow environment for 16 to 21 year old athletes in order to prepare them for both USSS and FIS sanctioned events. The U18/21 program welcomes athletes from all of the valley’s programs, as well as teams outside of the Mount Washington Valley.

The U18s and U21s will have the choice to pursue USSS races, and the fulltime athletes to pursue FIS sanctioned races, or a combination of the two. Our programs are tailored to fit every skier’s needs, and we are equipped to support each athlete’s basic fundamental skill development as well as help them attain their individual short, and long term performance goals.

When you register for the U18/21 program with a focus on USSS racing, the ski season starts when local mountains open and there is space to run safe, and productive programming. Our goals for the first month or so of the season for this age group are very similar to our U16 track.

Basic fundamental skill sets, balance work, and general kinesthetic awareness are the center of attention at the beginning of the ski season. We accomplish these tasks through extensive drill work, and free skiing to solidify positive movement patterns on snow before they start full length gate training. Turn shape drills with brushes and stubbies are equally as important. U18 and U21s will progress their focuses in free skiing to training environments where turn shape is dictated for them.

Most of our U18/21 athletes focus on early season USSS open races, and the NHARA Macomber Cup events which begin in early January.

Accumulating Macomber Cup points qualifies U18/21 athletes for the NHARA State Championships at the end of February - an event bringing together the best U16, U18, and U21 skiers in the state. Mac Cup races are held all over the state of New Hampshire and include Super G, Giant Slalom, and Slalom disciplines. The Macomber Cup series is highly regarded because both the men and women’s overall point winners from the series are awarded with a brand new mountain bike.

Upon completion of the Macomber Cup events, USSS focused athletes will be encouraged to pursue the Lafoley Spring Series, and other great race opportunities to lower their point profile toward the end of March into the beginning of April. Races such as the UNH Fundraiser and Sugar Slalom in Stowe, Vermont, are perfect examples of events that can prepare each individual for better start positions the following year. Fulltime athletes that are successful within USSS events will be encouraged to take the next step toward the FIS level of competition.

Mount Washington Valley Ski Team has many U18/21 athletes that are racing for their respective High Schools all over New England. We are proud to support the Eastern High School Championships every March. MWVST encourages our members to prepare for their in-state Meet of Champions in hopes of qualifying for the four day regional championship event. All of the preparation through USSS open races and series, such as the Macomber Cup and Lafoley series, will help them get ready for this special event.


U18/21 - USSS & FIS Racing

This basic outline describes a typical U18/21 full time or weekend skier focusing on USSS and FIS racing with MWVST.

FIS racing (Federation Internationale de Ski) is for athletes ages 16 and older looking to race at a more competitive, regional, national, and international level. If an athlete has an aspiration to take ski racing further whether it be, pursuing the U.S. Team, a NCAA collegiate team, or skiing at the highest level available for U18/U21 athletes, then FIS racing should be their main focus.

Many MWV Ski Team athletes are looking to race in both USSS races and FIS events throughout the season. The season typically is a longer season. The preparation and overall approach to fundamentals, and skier development is the same whether you are focusing on USSS racing, FIS events, or both within this age group. As a U18 or U21, an open line of communication with the head coach is crucial in order to prepare, plan, and be in agreement on a suitable athlete schedule prior to the season, as well as during. It is also important to revisit the athlete’s season plan each off-season, so any appropriate changes can be made for athlete fulfillment and future success.

Athletes focusing on USSS and FIS racing will compete in a thoughtfully designed, mixed schedule of NHARA USSS races, and regional FIS events.

FIS series are typically multi-day regional events. They require travel, preparation and coordination in advance, and carry extra costs such as transportation, lodging, and coaches travel expenses. Please refer to the ‘On the Road with the MWV Ski Team’ section, near the end of the handbook for more details on traveling with the club.

Training Day Expectations

The Mount Washington Valley Ski Team coaching staff asks all athletes and families to please stay up to speed with all club communication prior to training. All athletes should have a general understanding of the day’s scheduled activities prior to arriving to training each day.

The MWV Ski Team expects all athletes to arrive on time for any planned team free skiing or training session. Team on snow activities are carefully thought out ahead of time. The MWV coaching staff creates daily ski plans built around progressions, and when athletes arrive late, it disrupts the entire group, and can delay the day’s planned schedule.

Multiple missed days on snow disrupts the seasonal curriculum and can negatively impact an athlete’s understanding of key concepts. Please don’t let tardiness and attendance negatively affect race day performance.

All athletes are expected to maintain their equipment throughout the season. Tuning and waxing your skis consistently is crucial for performance. Get in the habit of taking care of your equipment each and every day after skiing. Your skiing will only be as good as your commitment to preparation.

Race Day Expectations

Team guidance is sent out the evening before every MWV Ski Team supported USSS race. It is the responsibility of every athlete and family to review the race announcement, so they are familiar with the schedule for race day.

Please arrive early, with a positive attitude, organized, and ready to load the lift for inspection or free ski. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to grab your ticket/bib (if applicable), inspect, and warm up for the race.

If there is fencing to be taken down and rolled at the end of any race, MWV athletes are required to help unless excused by an MWV coach on the day of the race. No exceptions.

You are all ambassadors for your sport; please conduct yourselves as such. Treat all ski area staff, guests and facilities with the utmost courtesy and respect. Please pick up after yourselves in the lodge, store your belongings in designated areas and put your skis in the racks provided. Be on your best behavior when wearing a Mount Washington Valley Ski Team uniform. Respectful and responsible behavior is expected from parents as well.


Team Communication


Our weekend training plans, schedules, events, newsletters, general team information, and member responsibilities will be communicated through TeamSnap. This applies to all of our programs, including full time, weekend, and high school program skiers.

TeamSnap is a web based application designed to help organizations run team sports. MWV has selected this platform based on its features and its relative ease of use. TeamSnap is used weekly in season for our club’s weekend training, and race plan email. We also utilize the Teamsnap alert system to send all time sensitive weekend program changes to all registered phone numbers. This allows us to ensure major daily changes are communicated quickly and effectively to all athletes and family members.

TeamSnap / MWV Ski Team Registration

Families will also be using the TeamSnap platform to register for MWVST. Please make sure to complete all of the requested information in order to properly register prior to each season. Make sure all desired emails are entered. Links for the TeamSnap registration are on our homepage at Please download the TeamSnap App on all family phones who wish to receive team information immediately after registering with the club.

TeamSnap emails can look like spam in your inbox. We encourage you to get into the habit of checking all emails. MWVST works hard to maintain a team calendar, post important information and documents on the TeamSnap site. Please be flexible, patient and remain in communication with your coaching staff. It is each family’s responsibility to stay up to speed with our team training plan, race schedule, and club responsibilities.



Tuition is set annually in the Spring for the upcoming ski season. Tuition is non-refundable, except in the case of an off season injury that prevents an athlete from participating in the upcoming season.

The tuition balance must be paid in full by August 31st, unless a payment plan has been set up or the athlete is applying for financial aid. 


Outstanding Balances

All outstanding balances (i.e. race worker fees, fundraising commitments, travel expenses, etc.) from the previous season must be paid before registering for the next season. Invoices that are not paid within 60 days will be charged 1% per month interest, unless payment arrangements are made.


Financial Aid

The Mount Washington Valley Alpine Education Foundation provides need-based financial aid and scholarships to families who apply. Awards are distributed each season based on the clubs ability to fund the scholarship program each year. Please contact any BOD member or any head coach if you are in need of financial assistance for your athlete to be able to participate in our program.

All registration material must be submitted by August 31st. Be prepared to provide a copy of your IRS 1040 tax form from the previous year, and an explanation of why you are asking for assistance. Financial need, athlete dedication, and family commitment to the team will all be taken into consideration for each individual reward.  Athletes are encourage to write a letter to board for scholarship consideration. 

Commitment to scheduled training sessions and team obligations are expected from all recipients. Scholarship athletes will be expected to lead by example, practice good sportsmanship, and represent MWVAEFs team values with poise. Families of award recipients will be expected to meet or exceed club volunteer and fundraising requirements. Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis, and an award does not guarantee aid will be available in subsequent seasons.

There are other local, state, and regional scholarship programs available. The NHARA handbook is a good place to start if you are looking for more information, and additional resources.


Eastern Slope Ski Club Scholarship

Students who attended ESSC program schools  who are applying for financial aid through MWVAEF must also apply for the ESSC Winter Snow Sports fund in addition to sending in a financial aid application to the MWV Ski Team.

All information and application process requirements for the ESSC scholarship can be found on the Eastern Slope Ski Club website.

All families must pay close attention to recipient obligations once scholarship funds are awarded.

Ski Passes

Mount Washington Valley Ski Team is proud to partner with Attitash, Wildcat and Cranmore for our on-snow activities. These three resorts have worked tirelessly over the years to provide us with quality training and racing venues. The full time and weekend program require two separate passes.


The Cranmore (teen) pass with no blackout dates. The season passholder has unrestricted access to Cranmore and will have privileges to use the Cranmore Race Team club facilities based near the Arlberg Children’s Center at the resort.

Attitash and Wildcat:

Athletes may purchase the Epic pass option of their choice when shopping for a season pass for Attitash and Wildcat. The best value pertaining to our training and race habits is the Northeast Value Pass, which includes unlimited access to Attitash and Wildcat. It is your choice, but when shopping please be mindful to choose an option with unlimited access to these two resorts in particular. The Northeast Value pass will also keep race day ticket costs down at other Vail resorts in New Hampshire and beyond. Families can always upgrade to more inclusive Epic pass options if desired.

Athletes who are employee dependents at Cranmore may be eligible for a tuition discount.

White Mountain Superpass- Cranmore, Bretton Woods, Waterville and Cannon.

It is important to visit both Vail Resorts’ and Cranmore Mountain Resorts’ websites to stay up to date with early bird pass specials. As a reminder, both pass prices do increase during the fall.


USSS / NHARA Athlete Memberships

All Mount Washington Valley Ski Team participants are required to be current USSS and NHARA members. Both licenses must be renewed annually in order to compete.

License renewals are due by October 15th each year in order to avoid a late fee and to be eligible for any state or development teams. If you are not current, you will not be permitted to participate in any club activities. New for 24-25 NHARA will be joined as part of the USSS membership process. 

NHARA State & Development Teams
You must have current memberships in both USSS and NHARA by October 15th each year in order to be eligible for consideration for the NHARA State or Development Teams.

The NHARA State and Development Teams have been recognized since 1973 to provide recognition for the top junior racers in New Hampshire. For more specific details on how the teams are selected, please visit and refer to the documented section in the NHARA handbook. The team is named by November 15th each year.

You will not be considered for the State or Development team if your memberships are not renewed and paid before October 15th - there are absolutely no exceptions.


FIS Licenses

Skiers who wish to participate in regional, national, and international FIS competitions must hold a current FIS license.

Please refer to the USSS dashboard for more information. FIS licenses can be renewed annually through the USSS website. FIS licenses will not be current until all obligations for a USSS registration are fulfilled (ex: Safesport, the avalanche awareness course, etc.).

Athlete Race Schedules & USSS Race Registration

Suggested race schedules for athletes will be shared prior to the season by the coaching staff. The MWV Ski Team hosts an annual meeting in November where all race information is covered for new and returning families. The New Hampshire Alpine Racing Association (NHARA) opens all race registrations for the calendar year on December 1st.

The NHARA handbook is another great resource for athletes and families. Please familiarize yourselves with its contents. This is especially important for first year U16 skiers as they transition from children’s racing to a busier U16 schedule. The NHARA handbook is most frequently used for its clear descriptions regarding qualification, and criteria for eastern championship events.


Fryeburg Academy Partnership

Fryeburg Academy and the Mount Washington Valley Ski Team has formed a partnership which offers a comprehensive program for student-athletes who want to compete both on and off the slopes.

This program allows athletes to train and race with MWVST while attending school and living at Fryeburg Academy, for all or part of the season. Take advantage of over 40 Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes along with our individualized tutorial program.

To learn more about how the program can advance both your ski racing skills and academics with a guided and robust curriculum offering at Fryeburg Academy, please visit www.fryeburg, or contact any MWVAEF Program Director.

Family Fundraising Commitments 

Focused teamwork. Buy into the community. Better experience.

The Mount Washington Alpine Education Foundation is a volunteer based club organization, as such, we are only as productive as our membership. Our annual income from tuition covers about 60% of our operating cost each season. The remainder of our operating costs are covered by fundraising events, club sponsorships and race revenue. Given this structure, fundraising is a crucial part of our club’s functioning on a year to year basis, and something we rely heavily on our club membership to participate in.

Ski racing is an expensive endeavor. For example, our club requires an inventory of 350 rolls of B-Net. Each net costs $400 and has a shelf life of about six years. Installation of B-Net on the hill requires a lot of preparation from our staff in order to create a safe training and racing venue for our athletes.

Additionally, our operations require an inventory of over 300 gates, properly functioning radios, timing gear and up to date cameras for video analysis, vans, and certifications among other increasing equipment expenses.

The glue that holds the club together is the staff and administration. We are very fortunate to have extremely well qualified, professional coaches working with the athletes. Fundraising is what pays the bills, but buy-in from our club members and volunteering is especially important for fundraising success, and in turn makes our club environment more fun, safe and productive. Many hands make small work; cooperation within our club community eases the burden for each family.


Fundraising Events

Each family is required to participate in the fundraising events for both clubs (MWV and CRT), as well as the athlete sales driven fundraiser.

The fundraising events are tentatively scheduled in December and February, and the golf tournament is tentatively scheduled at the end of June. Help is needed in planning and successfully running these two events.

The events and the sales driven fundraiser are outlined below. We are always open and interested in new ideas from families, and volunteers throughout the planning process to improve our fundraising events and campaigns. We strongly encourage any suggestions.

Each family’s contribution to EACH of these events is valued at $600.
A $600 charge per event made to MWV/CRT in lieu of each of these commitments will be assessed to families that do not participate in each event.

Mount Washington Valley Ski Team Winter Fundraising Event typically February

Club members will be responsible for assisting with the winter fundraising event. This evening event typically includes entertainment, food, a live/silent auction, a raffle, and more.

For the fundraiser, each family needs to contribute an amount equivalent to:

●  Purchase or sell 3 tickets per athlete (these can be for athletes and parents).
●  Obtain at least 1 item for the silent and live auctions.
●  Sell at least 1 extra ticket or obtain a sponsor.
* Families participating in the high school program are only required to purchase 2 event tickets and are not required to donate an item for the auction. *
Athletes are expected to attend this event.
Mount Washington Valley Ski Team Annual Golf Tournament June

Club members will be responsible for assistance in organizing the golf tournament. Assistance is needed to obtain locations, sponsors, recruit players, help at the day’s event, and to collect tournament raffle and auction items.

For the Golf Tournament each MWV Family needs to contribute an amount equivalent to:

●  Get at least 1 person to play in the tournament (this may be a parent or athlete).
●  Obtain at least 1 sponsor for the event.

Families participating in the high school program and CRT are not required to participate, but are certainly welcome and encouraged to participate.
Athletes should attend this event.
Note: This tournament is considered to be the conclusion of the season.

Athlete Sales Driven Fundraiser
Each year, our athletes are required to participate in a fundraising campaign that directly benefits their growth and MWV skiing experience. A past example of this fundraiser is a cash raffle, where each athlete is responsible for selling $500 worth of raffle tickets for MWV.


Race Worker Commitments
Hosting successful and safe events is a crucial piece of a successful ski team. MWVAEF runs several races each year, from local USSS races to national level, multi-day FIS events. Our goal is to host races that our athletes will be actively participating in, in order to give them a home field advantage. These events take a massive amount of energy to operate including planning, building a safe venue, and finally executing well on race day.
Races truly are a group effort when run properly, and a great source of pride for our club community. Not only are these races good for our athletes, but they provide club wide camaraderie, and they are a very important revenue source. We encourage you to get involved, and be a part of our team!

During the ski season, each family is required to work a minimum of six (6) race worker days for MWV and one(1) for the high school program. If you do not work your commitment, you will be billed at the end of the season for each race missed at $120 per race. Families with athletes in MWV and CRT have a six(6) total race commitment.


Mount Washington Valley Hosted Race Schedule

Race worker sign up forms will be distributed in the fall after the year’s race schedule is finalized. All forms need to be completed and returned by December 15th. Please plan ahead, keep a copy, and complete the form on Google Forms.

Due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances, we are sometimes forced to reschedule MWV hosted races. We will inform you of any changes as soon as possible. If a race date is changed that you were signed up to work, we ask you to confirm with us whether you will be able to work the rescheduled date, or if you need to sign up for a different event.

If a race that you signed up for is canceled, you will not receive a race worker credit, it is your responsibility to sign up for another race commitment. The only exception is the last race of the season.

A detailed description of race day duties can be found by following this link.


Roles & Responsibilities

One race is equivalent to one person arriving before their day’s role begins and working for the entire event. For example, if two parents work the entire day of one race, that counts for 2 of your commitments. Parents do not have to personally work the races. You may opt to have other family members or friends work the events on your behalf. They just need to sign in, and note that they are working for your family.

We cannot guarantee workers a specific job, but we will do our best to assign you where you prefer to be. Race workers are placed where they are needed, and those needs change daily.

If you are unable to be out on the hill, there is indoor help needed that does not require skiing. Please let us know if that is something you are interested in. Otherwise, all workers should be prepared to be outside. We encourage you to dress appropriately.

Please be on time. Know that it is your responsibility to sign in at registration in order to get credit for the race. Do not rely on the race administrator to sign you in to receive your credit. If you cannot sign in because you were on the hill for the day early, please email the office so we can record your day’s commitment. We encourage you to keep a personal record as well, just in case.

Race worker names and assignments will be posted by email and on TeamSnap. Please double check your role before each race. If you become unavailable for a race you have signed up for, let us know as soon as possible, so we can fill your role in that particular event.

Fencing days also count as race worker commitments. Make sure to email the office for credit if you assist the staff with repairing, moving, or putting up B-Net for a day.


USSS Alpine Officials & Volunteers

Some race worker commitments require a USSS license to access the venue. Please communicate to us if you have a USSS Alpine Officials license, and be sure to include your USSS membership number and certifications. The more Alpine Officials our club has on board, the better.

Please consider becoming a licensed Alpine Official, it will allow you to explore different roles at events, help out the team, and you will learn more about the sport your children are involved in. Please note that ski racing experience is not required.

If you need more information on what those roles are, what it means to be certified, and when clinics are happening in the area, please reach out to our MWVAEF staff. The NHARA website also has a great Alpine Officials information page.


On the Road with the Mount Washington Valley Ski Team


FIS Races / Regional & National Projects / U16 Championship Events

When traveling with the team, athletes and their families are financially responsible for athlete lodging, athlete meals, coach lodging, coach food expenses, coach car mileage or van travel costs. When expenses are paid by the team athletes will be billed by MWV for their portion of the expenses. Unless a family is staying on its own it is best for arrangements to be made by the MWV coaching staff. There are many variables with these events depending on number of athletes, type of lodging, how meals are done, that make each event a little different.


Lodging & Meals

Athletes: The athlete group or individual athlete is responsible for the cost of their lodging and meals. Team will coordinate.

Coaches: Coaches are eligible for the cost of their food. The cost of the coaches lodging is paid by the athlete’s families. Team will coordinate.These charges will be divided evenly amongst all of the athletes attending the event.



●  If a team van is used for a FIS race or championship event, all fuel costs will be shared. In 23-24 it was $30 per athlete per trip.
●  If you are traveling with a coach in their personal vehicle, mileage is split between participating athletes. IRS mileage costs apply here.
●  If a family provides a vehicle for traveling to an event, no mileage charge will apply, but expect that costs will be shared among the participating athletes.

Families will be invoiced for these expenses as soon as possible after the event.

Bills unpaid within 30 days can result in the athlete not being permitted to continue traveling with the team.
Please note: Any costs associated with coaches travel to regular, team supported USSS/ NHARA races (including but not limited to Macomber cup, U16 qualifiers, or LaFoley spring series) are not passed on to families.

MWVST will provide a van whenever possible to FIS races and championship events. Our coaching staff will make informed decisions on how it is scheduled and utilized. Van privileges may be lost due to unacceptable and inappropriate behavior while traveling with the club. Our team transportation is an added benefit, and must be treated as such. We expect respectful and responsible behavior from our athletes at all times while on the road with the Mount Washington Valley Ski Team.