Weekend Program

Ages: U16s, U18s, U21s

Serving the majority of our Mount Washington Valley Ski Team athletes, our weekend program offers an all encompassing approach to a two day a week schedule for committed skiers looking to compete at the state or regional level. In addition to the weekend programming, MWVST weekend skiers take advantage of the two school breaks each season - the holiday break in December, and the week long break in February. These two school vacations combine for an additional 10+ days of on-snow time, contributing to immeasurable gains in performance in both training and racing.

The MWV Ski Team is proud to offer high quality coaching and training opportunities to our weekend program athletes. Our goal is to provide productive slope selection and difficulty when available, along with challenging course sets when appropriate to prepare our athletes to compete at their best. Our coaching staff recognizes the unique advantages we have here in the Mount Washington Valley. We are able to pool the mountain’s resources, and leverage the best free skiing and training possible each weekend with a professional team of coaches on hand.

Weekend program skiers compete in USSS races as U16 athletes, including all of the Tecnica Cup qualification events for regional championship series’. U18/21 athletes continue to race USSS competitions in state, as well as decide whether they would like to pursue the next level of competitive skiing, and participate in the regional FIS circuit. Our coaching staff provides each weekend program athlete with a recommended race schedule. Every schedule is tailored toward goal achievement and needs for that given season.

Winter Schedule

All weekend training and race schedules go out to club members on Wednesday or Thursday each week.
Our head coaches build training schedules prior to the vacation weeks, but often there are several changes that take place. It is important to read all team emails, and double check the TeamSnap calendar to stay up to speed. Noted above, the MWV Ski Team works hard to provide the best possible training environments, so early morning training sessions are frequently scheduled for our athletes.

In addition, please expect that we will occasionally utilize two mountains in the same day for free skiing or training. This happens infrequently, but our coaches will push for the highest quality sessions we can provide, and occasionally this warrants a dynamic weekend schedule.

All weekend program skiers’ respective home schools that recognize “NH” vacation week as their February break will work in with the full time program during their vacation. We typically schedule an additional training block or two on top of the afternoon training schedule for these skiers.

Most weekend days begin around 8:30/9 AM and conclude around 2:30/3 PM. If early morning is scheduled, a typical day usually asks athletes to be booted up, and ready to go by 7:30 AM. Early morning days usually conclude around 1:30 PM.

Our daily programs are always subject to change based on our weekly learning targets, weather, snow surface conditions, and general athlete needs. We ask all athletes and parents to practice patience, and be flexible in order to take advantage of the best we have to offer on any given day.

Weekend program skiers are always free to add midweek training whenever they wish. We are able to accommodate most additional training requests as long as they work within our midweek schedule.


Cranmore Teen Pass (with no blackout dates)


Epic Northeast Value Pass (recommended)

Weekend Program Communication

TeamSnap for weekend training and race communication / TeamSnap alerts for any time sensitive changes in the weekend schedule


Weekend program transportation to USSS events will not be supported by the MWV Ski Team for the upcoming season.