High School Program


This program is designed for U16 and U19 skiers who would like to train part-time with MWV and want to participate in limited weekend races. The High School program tailors to individuals who are looking for a commitment of only one day per weekend, whichever day they choose (Saturday or Sunday), on any given week. A lot of our racers in this program are looking for high-quality weekend training and to improve their skiing. As a result, we are as flexible as possible in addressing their needs and accommodating different schedules, in order to provide the best experience possible for each skier. 

Athletes are always free to add mid-week training whenever they wish, such as Holiday break, February vacation, or Spring break. In addition, skiers in this program are eligible to upgrade to the U16/U19 Full-time or Weekend program prior to the February vacation week at the early season price, resulting in reimbursement of the High School program tuition.